Are you in a relationship with a Demon? 

Remember from our last post we established that Demons were Humans, in summary from a lineage not connected to Adam and Eve but connected to Angels. Those people can be best referred to as Sons and Daughters of the Earth (John 3:31)
Now let’s continue with a Popular story
Genesis 24:2-4 (HCSB)
“Abraham said to his servant, the elder of his household who managed all he owned place your hand under my thigh, and I will have you swear by the LORD, God of heaven and God of earth, that you will not take a wife for my son from the daughters of the Canaanites among whom I live, but will go to my land and my family to take a wife for my son Isaac.”
At the time this request was made it was lawful to marry even your Sister. What was wrong with the Canaanites? Their lineage could not be trusted so Abraham sent his Chief Servant back to his own family for Isaac and his lineage sake. This man knew about the Sons of the Earth the same way he knew about tithing without any man teaching him.
The story of Noah was researched by one of my Pastors (Atubo George) and he found out that Methuselah Noah’s grandfather died the same year the flood came. Against popular opinion it may be that Noah and His family were the only pure breed around before the flood, in order words only Noah and his family could be saved.
The Sons and Daughters of the Earth are real and like the Bible said about the Wheat and Weeds (Mathew 13:24-30), God has purposely left them here until Judgement. So what are you going to do? Because these guys can be anybody, some unbelievers are more of God’s children than some “Christians”
This gist has to spill into the next Part for the sake of space so stay tuned.

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