Yesterday we carefully considered why Abraham sent Eleazar of Damascus (His Chief Servant) to go and get a wife from his family and not from his neighbors.
When God looks at the Earth He sees Sons of Heaven, Sons of God and Sons of the Earth (Just my little analogy. PS there is no male or female in the Spirit). The Sons of Heaven signifies the Angels (including the Devil), The Sons of God signifies Human Beings from Adam and Eve (Christians, Muslims, Jews, even Atheist) and finally He sees Sons of the Earth (Children from the lineage of Angels, directly or indirectly). With these Sons of the Earth there is no salvation for them because there’s no plan for them and since God cannot go back on His word to Noah, the world won’t be destroyed.
We are meant to talk about how to identify these guys today, so let’s consider these few points I have listed, there are more but for wants of space let’s consider these 4.
1. Mathew 7:20 by their fruits you shall know them, they can’t be consistently good because they have no root of goodness in them which is God.
2. They seek worship but cannot give it. This is because they’re not fallen angels whose default mode was to worship until pride was found in them, the sons of the Earth don’t know how to worship.
3. They need encouragement to Worship. Judas Iscariot was a Son of the Earth. Jesus knew he was so He gave him the money to keep so as to encourage him to stay on because only him could be wicked enough to betray a good man for selfish reasons.
4. If they pass through all of these stated above and much more. They will never pass the breaking of bread (Communion). Break bread always with your partners if they’re not for you they will leave if they’re not of God they will leave also.
Don’t be in a hurry, 

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